Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One week!

Hi all i only have 5 mins so this is going to be quick! all is going well ive been here for a week and love it! i have a cell if you ever would like to call and check in.
its free for me!

the weather is HOT the ppl are amazing and i love the 57 volunteers that i came here with. i just ,oved in with ,y host family and have a host brother who is 18 ill def writgh more but im between classes and still need to have luch!

love you all!

mail me anything!haha
aka food like beef jerky!

Kristin Chantry, PCT
S/c Corps de la Paix
01 B.P. 6031
Ouagadougou 01, Burkina Faso

number 226 74 29 03 51


  1. Post pictures!!! I wanna see everything!!! MISS YOU SO MUCH!

  2. Hi Kristin, Hope all is going well. Been thinking of you and can see you are still busy with training. Glad to see you have a nice family to be with.

    Aunt Karen

  3. Kristin....we need an update. Hope you will find time soon.

    Love and miss you!!